Silent Auction

Our NP/APN Network Silent Auction


Since 2010 the Fundraising Subgroup has conducted “silent” auctions at NPAPNN conferences and has been very successful in generating funds to support our “grant” program.

The “silent” auction has taken place at Melbourne, London and Helsinki conferences and provides a wonderful opportunity for members to support fellow APN/NPs from developing countries in attending our conferences.

How It Works

We invite all conference delegates to donate an item from your home country (state/ province).

What should I bring?

Items donated at past conferences may include pieces of art, jewelery, text books, handmade purses, sweatshirts, and SO many wonderful different items!

The Auction

The donated items are displayed and will be available for sale throughout the conference. Attendees place a "bid" price and other attendees may raise the price. When the auction closes, the final and highest "bid"- WINS the item! The winner pays for the item and the money goes to support our “grant” program to assist NP/ APNs from developing countries to attend the next international conference!

Past Grant Winners

Jamuna Tamrakar Sayami from Kathamandu, Nepal commented “it was a great surprise for me to see nurses working as self-employed independent care providers across the health systems of different countries. It was eye opening as well as insightful.”

Ossama Abed Zaqqout from Amman, Jordan commented “another major benefit of conference attendance was the opportunity to build relationships and develop friendships with colleagues around the world.”

Ossama is now the Chair of the Health Policy Subgroup!

Grant recepients 2016:

  1. Mmule Magama, Botswana
  2. Louie Martinez Fernandez, Philippines


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