Subgroup Membership Guidelines

Subgroup Membership Guidelines and Responsibilities

  1. Criteria for Membership in Subgroups:

  2. 1 Meet criteria for membership for NP/APNN Groups.
  3. 2 Demonstrated experience/expertise in specific Subgroup’s work.
  4. 3 Serve a term of four years.
  5. 4 Demonstrated contributions and involvement with NP/APNN or local professional organization/agency.
  6. 5 Only two members from each country are eligible to serve in the Subgroup at any one time.
  1. Membership of Subgroups:

  2. 1 Chair
  3. 2 Members at Large (5-9)
  1. Responsibilities of Subgroup Members:

  2. Chair

  3. 1 Establish communication links with each member of the Subgroup.
  4. 2 Determine each member’s expertise and contributions they bring to the Subgroup.
  5. 3 Lead the Subgroup to develop the action plan, time line on an annual basis.
  6. 4 Delegate tasks of action plan to members contingent on voluntary response, expertise and leadership abilities.
  7. 5 Determine a communication schedule with members for progress reporting.
  8. 6 Collate reports and develop drafts of work submitted by members in conjunction with the membership of the Subgroup.
  9. 7 Send progress reports to Liaison Representative for input and comment.
  10. 8 Send final draft of work to Liaison Representative and Core Steering Group for feedback.
  11. 9 Submit a written report to liaison and chair CSG as requested.
  12. 10 Review the contributions and activities of the Subgroup members on an annual basis.
  13. 11 Initiate process to fill vacancies at the Network conference and when vacancies exist.
  14. 12 Initiate rotation of membership every two years according to the process outlined in the Operational Guidelines and following the Rotation Summary provided yearly in September.
  15. 13 Submit an annual report to the liaison and Chair of the Core Steering Group on request.
  16. Members at Large

  17. 1 Select a Chairperson for a biennale term (this may be extended if position not filled).
  18. 2 Work with the Chair to develop an action plan with an achievable time line.
  19. 3 Work toward meeting the goals of the action plan as designated by consensus or assignment of the Chair.
  20. 4 Report regularly to Chair on the progress of the assignment/project.

Updated 2014