Core Steering Group Guidelines

Core Steering Group Membership Guidelines and Responsibilities

  1. Membership Criteria for NP/APNN Groups:

  2. 1 Five years of professional practice.
  3. 2 Leadership experience.
  4. 3 Academic or professional credential or equivalent.
  5. 4 Able to attend international meetings.
  6. 5 Able to mentor future members and liaise with colleagues.
  7. 6 Able to contribute to the work of the Core Steering Group/Subgroup and Network.
  1. Additional Membership Criteria for Core Steering Group:

  2. 1 Demonstrated experience and expertise in international nursing.
  3. 2 Active membership at the subgroup level.
  4. 3 Be able to serve a term of four years.
  5. 4 Be able to attend 3 of 4 annual meetings during term.
  6. 5 Meet above criteria for membership for both Core Steering Group and Subgroups.
  7. 6 Only two members from each country are eligible to serve on the CSG at any one time.
  1. Composition of Core Steering Group:

  2. 1 Chair
  3. 2 Past Chair (for one year post term)
  4. 3 Chair-elect (for one year pre term)
  5. 4 Secretary
  6. 5 Treasurer
  7. 6 ICN Representative
  8. 7 Members at Large (4 members)
  1. Responsibilities of Core Steering Group - Chair:

  2. 1 Preside at all meetings.
  3. 2 Explain and adjudicate questions of order.
  4. 3 Announce and conduct business.
  5. 4 Entertain one motion/resolution/item for discussion at a time.
  6. 5 Be fair and impartial.
  7. 6 Give signature when necessary.
  8. 7 Be ex-officio of all Subgroups.
  9. 8 Liaison with designated ICN staff consultant.
  10. 9 Respond to, facilitate and refer all network inquiries.
  1. Responsibilities of Core Steering Group - Chair-Elect:

  2. 1 Provide support to the Chair at all meetings.
  3. 2 Learn the role, processes and procedures related to the role Chair.
  4. 3 Actively work with and support CSG Liaison members and SG chairs in achieving agreed Action Plans.
  1. Responsibilities of Core Steering Group - Past Chair:

  2. 1 Provide an orientation to incoming Chairperson of the Core Steering Group.
  3. 2 Review materials for publication and/or posting on website.
  4. 3 Review Press Releases.
  5. 4 Work with new members of Core Steering Group in establishing their liaison role with subgroups.
  6. 5 Represent the NP/APN Network when Chairperson and Secretary are not available.
  1. Responsibilities of Core Steering Group - Secretary:

  2. 1 Keep and disseminate minutes of meetings.
  3. 2 Record name of the member introducing a motion/issue.
  4. 3 Maintain Network archives.
  5. 4 Call the meeting to order in absence of the Chair.
  6. 5 Receive and archive reports from Chair.
  7. 6 Implement the election process for the Core Steering Group or Subgroup.
  1. Responsibilities of Core Steering Group - Treasurer:

  2. 1 Receive all monies on behalf of NP/APN Network.
  3. 2 Transfer money for banking into the USA account.
  4. 3 Disburse monies for all expenses authorized by the CSG of NP/APN Network.
  5. 4 Submit a financial report of income and expenditures to the audit committee (Chair and Chair–Elect) three times a year (January, May, and September) on the first of the month for reconciliation if necessary.
  6. 5 Develop the annual end of the year report and submit to the CSG and ICN at the end of each calendar year.
  7. 6 Works with all groups on financial matters.
  8. 7 Keep an accurate accounting of product sales (Logo Pin)
  9. 8 Keep an accurate accounting of sponsor contributions
  10. 9 Keep an accurate accounting of all donations
  11. 10 Dialogue with the holder of the NP/APNN account related to receiving bank statements on a scheduled basis of at least four times a year.
  1. Responsibilities of Core Steering Group - Membership Team:

  2. 1 Report progress of membership at annual Core Steering Group meetings.
  3. 2 Establish and follow process of providing data to Subgroup Chairs for filling vacancies in Core Steering Group and Subgroups.
  4. 3 Review the Operational and Membership Guidelines for currency, recommendations and revisions every 3-5 years, or as business of the Network demands.
  1. Responsibilities of Core Steering Group - Liason:

  2. Goal Liaise and provide support to the designated Subgroup chair and Subgroup members.
  3. 1 Plan and schedule periodic communication activities about the projects of the Subgroup.
  4. 2 Facilitate activities and projects in collaboration with the Chair of the Subgroup.
  5. 3 Communicate status of the Subgroup periodically to Core Steering Group chair.
  6. 4 Meet with the Subgroup Chair and members during the annual meeting.
  7. 5 Provide a report of the Subgroup’s activities related to their action plan to the Core Steering Group at the annual meeting.
  8. 6 Clarify the process to be used by the Subgroup Chair to facilitate problem solving.
  9. 7 Learn the areas of expertise and resources available to the Subgroup through its members.
  10. 8 Become a resource for the members of the Subgroup for the planned work and activities.
  11. 9 Educate one self on topics addressed by the Subgroup from an international perspective.
  12. 10 Be a resource/ear to the Subgroup Chair to facilitate problem solving.
  1. Criteria for Liaison Representative:

  2. 1 Member of the Core Steering Group.
  3. 2 Has had previous experience as coordinator, team leader, or officer in an organization/agency.
  4. 3 Knowledge of mentoring process, ability and desire to assist colleagues in professional growth.