NP/APNN General Membership Guidelines

Introduction to General Membership

The NP/APN Network is part of the International Council of Nurses’ (ICN) coalition of networks that foster nursing globally through individual membership. Persons practicing as Nurse Practitioners or Advanced Practice Nurses or interested others are invited to join in the development and advancement of the network goals.

NP/APN Network is a voluntary network and participation is free to anyone practicing in, or interested in, Nurse Practitioner or Advanced Practice roles as well as interested others such as policy makers, regulators, and health planners. If an individual is a member of a National Nursing Association belonging to ICN you can indicate that relationship on the membership form. It is not necessary to belong to any professional organization to become a member of NP/APN Network.

Membership forms can be found and completed on the website: www.icn‐ all travel and meeting expenses related to volunteer participation in network activities are the responsibility of the individual.

Membership Guidelines

  1. Aims and Goals

  2. 1 Provide relevant and timely information
  3. 2 Offer a forum for exchange of knowledge, expertise, and experience
  4. 3 Support nurses and countries in the process of developing or introducing NP and APN roles
  5. 4 Access international resources that are pertinent to the field
  1. Membership Eligibility

    Membership is open to all interested individuals who submit a completed application form at The process for becoming an individual member is as follows:

    Complete the membership application available on the network website: Indicate your areas of interest and submit your application form. Record of your application is kept on file at ICN Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

  2. Meetings

    Conferences or meetings are held every year either in conjunction with a larger ICN Conference or as a NP/APN Conference. The settings and dates can be found on the website. General meetings of Core Steering Group and Subgroups are open to interested observers.

  3. Structure

    Core Steering Group
    Sub Groups: (Communications, Conferences, Education, Practice, Health Policy, Research and Fundraising)

  4. Network Decisions

    The Network decision-making process is focused within the Core Steering Group and Subgroups and operates within the context of ICN policies and official positions on nursing and health. The points below detail the process more precisely.

    Decisions on general matters are taken by consensus in both the Core Steering Group and Subgroups. Only Core Steering Group or Subgroup members may vote on network matters. Each group establishes a quorum annually, based on a percentage of the total group number, for example 50% + 1. Attendance at meetings is by Core Steering Group and/or Subgroup members. Interested observers are welcome. Documents developed by the Core Steering Group and/or Subgroup members needing ICN approval are circulated to ICN staff for review and processing.