Network History - 2002 to 2014

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The 2nd INP/APNN conference was held in Adelaide, Australia

The definition of APN was introduced in 2001 in Copenhagen at ICN meeting when the Network group held a meeting of interested APNs. Open discussion lead by Maureen Schober, Chair of INP/APNNetwork took place and suggestions were offered by those attending. The current definition was drafted by INP/APN Core Steering Group and sent to the ICN Board of Directors where it was approved in 2002.


The 3rd INP/APNN conference was held in Netherlands.


The INP/APN Network Logo pin, approved by ICN, went on sale in Taipei in 2005 at the ICN meeting. The sale of the pin also encouraged donations of buying one and donating one for a NP/APN who practiced in a developing nation/state and could not afford to purchase the pin.


The 4th INP/APNN conference was held in Sandton, South Africa.

Launch of the “Logo Award Pin” program provided 20 donated pins to APN members during our conference in Sandton, South Africa. This was the first time APNs were recognized with a Logo Pin by the Network.


The Scope of Practice document was started by the Policy Subgroup of INP/APN Network in 2001. After research into the international community’s understanding of APNs, the level and extent of practice, and education, the first draft was completed in 2004. It was revised in 2005 and again in 2007. The first “Pre-­publication copy” was circulated at the ICN meeting held in Yokohama, Japan. The final document was published and placed for sale by ICN in May 2008.

In the fall of 2007 the pilot survey addressing Education, Practice and Regulation of NP/APNs circulate to our members was implemented in fall of 2007 by the Education and Practice Subgroup. Adjustments were made as a result of the pilot and the full survey was implemented in Spring 2008.


The 5th INP/APNN conference was held in Toronto, Canada.

The results of the survey were reported at the meeting of INP/APN Network in Toronto, Canada by Dr. J. Pulcini, Chair of Education and Practice Sub Group. The outcomes can be viewed on the website.

The Scope of Practice document went on sale at ICN in May 2008.


The 6th INP/APNN conference was held in Brisbane, Australia

The first grant recipient was awarded at the Brisbane conference – Mrs Januna Tamrakar Sayami form Kathmandu, Nepal.

The first ‘silent’ auction was conducted at the Brisbane conference.

INP/APN Network offered stuffed dolls to NPs who worked with children in their practice. The dolls had been donated by a colleague in Seattle, Washington and shipped to the conference to be distributed to meeting participants. The dolls were distributed to NPs attending the meeting in Brisbane.


Moved towards a centrally located bank account was achieved which now sits within ICN at a Swiss account. Prior to this the bank account was located in the country of origin of the CSG treasurer.


The 7th INP/APNN conference was held in London, United Kingdom

The second grant recipient was awarded at the London conference – Ossama Abed Zaqout, Amman, Jordan.


Research request guidelines were developed due to the increased requests for conducting research utilising INP/APNN members.


The 8th INP/APNN conference was held in Helsinki, Finland

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